De-Stress Your Family. 10 Tips to Use Right Now

1.    Accept that you and your child cannot control everything.
2.    Label your level of distress 0 to 10: Stop and watch it go up and down.
3.    Expect, allow, and accept that stress is a part of life and important for growth.
4.    Take a deep breath; focus on 5 body parts and relax.

5.    Ask yourself and your child what will happen if it’s less than “perfect.”
6.    Have fun and laugh with your child.
7.    Make time for exercise for you and your child.
8.    Get a good night’s sleep. Eat a healthy diet and minimize caffeine and alcohol.

9.   Live in the real world with your family – ban texting from meals and outings.
10.  Celebrate your child’s successes and the good things in your life.


Elizabeth Dupont Spencer LCSW-C