Be Social Kids

We have developed unique programs focusing on helping children understand the “why” behind social skills.

Based on the frameworks of social thinking, we help children to navigate their social world by providing concepts and strategies that allow them to understand social expectations, to explore thoughts and feelings, and to learn how to form connections with their peers.

SOCIAL ADVENTURERS: Preschool-Kindergarten
Social Adventurers will focus on building the foundational Social Thinking® concepts for interacting with peers. Concepts include social observation, play skills, perspective taking, being a part of the group, and problem solving. We will share our imaginations going on adventures and completing group challenges. This program uses the We Thinkers!™ Curriculum.

STORY TIME: Preschool-Kindergarten
Social learning will be explored through stories, art, drama and pretend play. This fun-filled program will introduce preschool children and early learners to the core concepts of Social Thinking.

THINK IT MOVE IT: Preschool-Kindergarten
This fun group enhances social learning and motor development through the use of movement, music, and games. Lessons will focus on interacting and sharing space with peers. This program is in partnership with Fitness For Health.

MAD SCIENTISTS: Preschool-1st
Mad about science? Join us in the lab where our junior scientists will have fun learning Social Thinking concepts through cool, interactive science experiments!

Children will learn the thinking process behind social skills as they begin to understand the importance of thinking about others. Through group activities, they will practice fundamental skills and strategies that will teach them how to participate in a group, read cues to guess thoughts, expand their social emotional vocabulary, understand the perspective of their peers, and adapt their behaviors across settings.

Detectives will explore core Social Thinking concepts of looking for clues, being aware of other people’s thoughts and feelings, group expectations and more. As they complete challenges and group missions, the detectives will improve their self-awareness and self-regulation abilities. This year-long group prepares detectives for the next level at the Superhero Training Academy which uses the Superflex® and the Unthinkables® curriculum.

This group focuses on the Superflex® and Unthinkables® curriculum. Children will discover their own “unthinkables” and learn strategies to recognize unexpected behavior, think about others, and self-monitor. Children are taught how to use their “brain powers” to be flexible thinkers, good problem solvers and understand group expectations. Group missions include games, role-playing, video clips, Lego building, and much more. Superheroes will work together to defeat Rock Brain, Mean Jean, Wasfunnyonce, Energy Hare-y and others in a fun, interactive way.

IN THE MOMENT: Elementary
Our In the Moment group is specifically designed for children with social learning challenges secondary to a mild language and/or attention issue. Emphasis is on self-regulation, social communication, flexible thinking and problem solving. Strategies to assist them “in the moment” will be targeted through team building activities.

YouTube Decoders takes what children and adolescents already love doing: watching movies and YouTube videos, and uses them to study social interaction and relationships. Our film critics will hit the pause button and explore Social Thinking concepts. Each week we will expand our emotional vocabulary while we focus on the thoughts and feelings of characters and relate to these experiences in real time. Activities also include games, role-playing, and team building activities to practice problem solving, cooperation, and resilience. Anna Vagin’s YouCue Feelings curriculum is the inspiration for this new and exciting program.

TAKE 1 TAKE 2: Grades K-2
Lights, camera, action! Take 1 Take 2 will focus on collaborating with peers, recognizing the perspective of others, thinking creatively, and being flexible. Children will engage in role playing as a means to improve their social understanding. This program uses stories from We Can Make It Better by Elizabeth Delsandro.

Based on the TV show Amazing Race, we will travel to places near and far. This group will focus on team building experiences.

TWEENS AND TEENS HANGOUT: Middle School/High School
This unique program will combine the introduction of social learning concepts with motor development. Our teens will receive didactic teaching followed by practice in a small group led by a speech language pathologist and fitness staff. Each student is invited to remain for open gym at Fitness For Health.

PEERS: Adolescents/Young Adults
PEERS (Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills) is a 14-week, 1.5-hour evidence-based social skills intervention for adolescents with social challenges. During each group session, adolescents and young adults are taught important skills and are given the opportunity to practice these skills during socialization activities. Parents attend separate sessions focused on assisting their teens in making and keeping friends. Parents learn to help expand their teen’s social network and provide feedback. Enrollment is limited. Parent participation is required.

Learn strategies to help your child navigate the social world. Develop a plan to meet the specific needs of your child.

Mrs Rosenblatt,SLP has presented at the Social Thinking Providers Conference.