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Social Communication Disorders: More Than Child’s Play

By: By Susan M. Abrams, M.A., CCC-SLP and Sarah C. Wayland, Ph.D. Learning to play with others is both enormously complicated and enormously important. It involves […]

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De-Stress Your Family. 10 Tips to Use Right Now

1.    Accept that you and your child cannot control everything. 2.    Label your level of distress 0 to 10: Stop and watch it go up and […]

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A Smile Changes Everything

Each year, we make a donation to an organization that supports children. We have chosen to support Operation Smile. Operation Smile provides free surgeries to repair […]

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Using Whole Body Listening to Increase Executive Functioning Skills

Written by: Elizabeth Sautter, MA, CCC-SLP Sarah Ward, MS, CCC-SLP How many times have we, as parents and teachers, said to our children, “Pay attention!” or […]

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