Be Social Kids

We have developed unique programs focusing on helping children understand the “why” behind social skills.

Based on the frameworks of social thinking, we help children to navigate their social world by providing concepts and strategies that allow them to understand social expectations, to explore thoughts and feelings, and to learn how to form connections with their peers.

SOCIAL ADVENTURE: Preschool-Kindergarten
This new program is based on the We Thinkers! curriculum by Michelle Garcia Winner, Nancy Tarshis, Kari Zweber Palmer, and Ryan Hendrix. Through music, stories and dramatic play activities, early learners will explore the fundamental concepts of Social Thinking®.

MAD SCIENCE: Preschool-Kindergarten
Children love to be scientists! This more structured group integrates social cognitive thinking concepts into weekly experiments.

STORY TIME: Preschool-Kindergarten
Social thinking® will be explored through stories, art, drama and pretend play. This program will introduce preschool children and early learners to the core concepts of social cognition.

If your child loves the movie Inside Out, this is the place for him or her! Based on the popular movie this group will focus on social thinking concepts including emotional regulation, initiation, social attention and perspective taking. We will have fun learning how to be the boss of our brain and more!

Help your child to develop and improve his/her social cognition. This group focuses on social thinking concepts that will teach your child how to: think about others, participate in a group, develop a social emotional vocabulary, and understand the perspective of their peers. Through group activities, they will learn and practice these fundamental skills and strategies.

Children will join the Social Detective Agency where they will develop their “social smarts.” Through interactive activities, they will explore the concepts of thinking with your eyes, looking for clues, making inferences and perspective taking. These skills will assist and support your child in navigating their social world.

IN THE MOMENT: Elementary
This group is specifically designed for children with social learning challenges secondary to mild language and/or attention issue. Strategies to assist them “in the moment” will be targeted through fun interactive activities. Children will improve their problem - solving and coping skills as they learn about “Superflex” and his rivals, the “Team of “Unthinkables.”

Learn to apply Social thinking concepts to improve reading comprehension and written language skills. Social cognition impacts educational and social competency. This integrated approach will benefit students in their academic and social environments.

This unique program helps children develop skills of flexibility and social problem solving through narratives. They will engage in role playing as a means to improve their social understanding.

IN THE ZONE: Elementary
This curriculum integrates concepts of social thinking and self- regulation. children will develop a toolbox of skills to help them recognize their emotions, regulate their actions, and respond more effectively in social situations.

AMAZING RACE: Elementary
A fun new program based on the TV show targeting team building, problem solving, and group interaction with real time language demands.

TEEN TALK: Middle School - High School
Designed specifically for this age group, students will focus on the core concepts of social thinking. Teen Talk strives to provide a safe and comfortable setting and positive experiences for motivated adolescents who struggle socially. This group will help students boost their self-confidence, think positively, and create opportunities for social success.

Learn strategies to help your child navigate the social world. Develop a plan to meet the specific needs of your child.

Ms. Abrams SLP has completed the Social Thinking Clinical Training Program with Michelle Garcia Winner at the Center for Social Thinking, California.
Ms. Abrams,SLP and Ms Rosenblatt,SLP have presented at the Social Thinking Providers Conference. Social thinking®, and We Thinkers! are based on the work of Michelle Garcia Winner MA.,CCC-SLP.